Merry Christmas!

To you and all your loved ones we wish a wonderful, happy Christmas and New Year. May you find time for love, laughter, friendship, music, worship, and peaceful meditation.



Thermal Cooker

A thermal cooker is like a non-electric crock pot. You put your food in one or both of the stainless steel pots, add liquid, heat for a short time, and transfer the pots to the insulated outer container. Your food will continue to cook, and remain hot for up to 8 hours! Perfect for road trips, camping, power outages, emergency preparedness, and more! Saves energy and helps you safely transport hot foods to your destination. 5 piece set contains two heavy-gauge stainless steel cooking pots, stainless steel lid, insulated container, and insulated top cover.

  • 7 Liter Thermal Cooker with thick bottom on large pot only: Regular $129.95, now $109.95
  • 7 Liter Thermal Cooker with thick bottom on large and small pots: Regular $164.99, now $129.95
  • 5.5 Liter Thermal Cooker: Regular $119.95, now $99.85
  • Let’s Make Sense of Thermal Cooking Cookbook, 125+ Recipes: Regular $34.99, now $29.95

To check on available quantities and arrange for delivery by Christmas, please call Mindy at 801-854-8419.
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