How Big to make Your Garden

  • The garden size should be limited to the available sunny space.
  • Growing high yields in a small well-tended sunlit space is much better than struggling with a larger garden and poor conditions (Picture #1).
  • Two rows of plants are best grown in 18″-wide beds or containers, with aisles of 3’ to 3½’, and at least one end aisle.

  1. Pulling soil from the aisles to make a slightly raised planting area with 4" ridges saves water & fertilizer, and minimizes weeding.
  2. Two rows of plants close together in a bed or container, with wide aisles, reduce watering, fertilizing, and weeding by 50%.
  3. Wide aisles give plants room for maximum light and growth, plus space for easier working and inspection of plants.
  • Start small and provide regular care, and your success will give you the training and incentive to increase your garden size.

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