Locating Your Garden for Best Results

  1. Locate your garden close to home and accessible. Traveling to a distant location takes time.
  2. Choose a location with full sunlight all day long – at least 8 hours or more.
  3. Choose a level area for best results and least work. A slight slope toward the sun is ideal.
  4. On a hillside? Plant on the contour. Always make the actual planting areas level.
  5. Avoid ground that slopes away from the sun. It has less direct sunlight and is sometimes too cold.
  6. DO NOT use low spots where water accumulates. Plants will suffocate in standing water.
  7. Avoid having any structure, tree, or shrub between your plants and the sun. Shade retards plant growth.
  8. Build windbreaks in windy areas. Plant leaves are easily damaged by strong winds.
  9. Fence the area to protect against intruders. If small animals are a problem use wire mesh at ground level.
  10. Locate your garden near a readily available source of good water.
  11. (Containers) If you have no usable soil, build open-bottom containers on top of almost anything – even driveways, patios, and roofs.

High yield gardening in a small space

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