What tools are needed

  1. Round-headed shovel – for initial soil preparation and to remove perennial weeds and their underground stems, or rhizomes.
  2. Garden rake – for removing weeds, leveling the soil, and shaping soil-beds or mixing and leveling the custom soil in containers.Hoe & Rake
  3. Two-way, scuffle, or hula hoe – for early weeding of small weed seedlings. It cuts them off just below the soil surface with very little movement of the soil. Weeding is rarely needed in containers.
  4. Garden hose wrapped with an 18″ cloth – lets you water quickly without washing out your soil-beds.Hose & Cloth
  5. (Containers) Garden hose with a watering wand – will apply water quickly without washing out the custom soil.
  6. Watering Wand

  7. Plant-spacing marker – a real time saver, gives your garden a professional look while providing for equal light, water, and nutrition to each plant. Two rows of ½” dowels spaced 6″ & 7″ apart, will help you plant most varieties properly.
  8. Plant-Spacing Marker

  9. Wheelbarrow or large cart, and a power tiller, may be important for a larger garden.

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