When to plant for best results

  • The proper planting time depends on your climate, or the growing season at your garden location.
  • Your “growing season” is considered to be the days between the last spring frost and the first fall frost.
  • Learn the Average Day of Last Frost (ADLF) for your garden by calling your County Extension Office (USA) or government agricultural department (other countries), or on the internet at http://www.victoryseeds.com/frost/.
  • Planting time is determined by 1) average date of last frost and 2) the hardiness – or danger of frost damage – to the crop you’re planting.
    1. Vegetable plants are classified into 4 levels of hardiness as follows:
      1. Hardy plants can handle frost and cold, and can be planted 3 to 6 weeks before the ADLF.
      2. Moderately hardy plants handle some cold and very light frost. These can be planted 2-3 weeks before the ADLF.
      3. Cold and frost-sensitive plants do not do well with cold weather or frost. Plant these on the ADLF.
      4. Frost intolerant plants will be killed by any frost, and must be planted 2-3 weeks after the ADLF.
    2. Extend your growing season and greatly increase your yields by transplanting healthy seedlings into your garden on the recommended planting dates. Learn how to produce your own seedlings.
  • The following table lists common vegetables according to their frost tolerance. Insert your own ADLF to know the recommended planting dates for each plant in your garden.

Plant Hardiness (Frost Tolerance) & Planting Times

Plant Type Hardiness When to Plant
Based on average day of last frost – ADLF
Broccoli hardy 4 weeks before
Cabbage hardy 4 weeks before
Cauliflower hardy 4 weeks before
Kohlrabi hardy 4 weeks before
Lettuce, leaf & head hardy 4 weeks before
Onions, green & bulb hardy 4 weeks before
Peas, bush & pole hardy 4 weeks before
Radishes hardy 4 weeks before
Spinach hardy 4 weeks before
Beets moderately-hardy 2-3 weeks before
Berries moderately-hardy 2-3 weeks before
Carrots moderately-hardy 2-3 weeks before
Celery moderately-hardy 2-3 weeks before
Chard moderately-hardy 2-3 weeks before
Parsley moderately-hardy 2-3 weeks before
Parsnips moderately-hardy 2-3 weeks before
Potatoes moderately-hardy 2-3 weeks before
Turnips moderately-hardy 2-3 weeks before
Beans, bush & pole frost-sensitive On ADLF
Corn frost-sensitive On ADLF
Tomatoes frost sensitive On ADLF
Cucumbers frost-intolerant 2-3 weeks after
Melons frost-intolerant 2-3 weeks after
Peppers frost-intolerant 2-3 weeks after
Squash frost-intolerant 2-3 weeks after

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