Make and use a marker

Making a Marker

  • Using a marker gives equal space to all plants, producing uniform healthy growth.
  • One marker can be used for all intervals you will need.
  • Tools & materials needed:
    • Tools
      1. Saw.
      2. Drill and ½ inch drill bit.
      3. Wood rasp.
      4. Tape measure.
    • Materials
      1. One 2″ X 2″ X 8’-long straight board.
      2. Eight feet of ½’ doweling rod.
      3. Water-proof glue.
    1. Cut doweling into 2½ inch pieces and sharpen one end with a knife or wood rasp.
    2. Drill holes ¾ inch deep every 6 inches on one side of the board.
    3. Drill holes every 7 inches on the opposite side of the same board.
    4. Glue dowel pieces into all holes, with pointed ends out.Positioning the Marker
  • When planting seeds make marks in a shallow furrow and plant at marks.
  • If you can’t get a drill and dowels, just drive long nails into the board every 6″ on one side and every 7″ on another side.
  • For transplants drag marker across the bed, then dig holes with your hand or small spade just before planting.
  • For 2 inch spacing dig a hole at the first mark, then 3 evenly spaced holes in 6 inches. Three inch spacing calls for 2 holes in 6 inches, etc.
  • TransplantingMake holes big enough to easily hold the plant roots and stem.

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