What plant spacing is best

  • Plant SpacingSpace your plants as if they were fully grown or they will suffer from overcrowding and yield will drop.
  • The correct planting pattern can also help maximize usable space and improve plant growth:
    • Double rows (plants opposite each other) are best for smaller crops like carrots, corn, leaf lettuce, potatoes, radishes, and spinach.
    • Double alternating rows (plants between opposite side plants) are used for larger crops such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, head lettuce, and peppers.Plant Rows
    • Single rows are recommended for all climbing plants, and very large plants like zucchini and yellow squash (Picture #7).
    • In single rows you can plant closer, and weeding, watering, feeding, and even harvesting are all made easier.
  • Mark your rows before planting, using the distance marker described in Make and use a marker.Plant Marker
  • The Guide to Seeding or Transplanting chart also lists plant spacing and row arrangements for many common crops.
  • Uniform plant spacing gives all plants equal light, water, and food, and makes a beautiful and more productive garden.

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