Planting seeds in Soil-Beds

  • Use certified seed if possible. Seed from another garden may bring disease to yours.
  • If seed quality is unknown heat-treat in water, using panty hose (link 5). Maintain 126 degrees for 30 minutes. Accuracy is important!
  • Mini-TunnelsAvoid planting when the soil is cold, or use mini-tunnels to warm the soil.
  • Do not make the common mistake of planting too deep and covering seeds with clay soil.
    1. Cover tiny seeds with 1/16th inch of sand or greenhouse/container soil-mix.
    2. Cover medium seeds with ¼ inch of sand or soil-mix.
    3. Cover large seeds with ½ inch to ¾ inch. Again, sand or soil-mix will improve emergence of healthy seedlings.
  • To plant small seeds more evenly and quickly while reducing thinning later, follow 6 simple steps:
    1. Mix thoroughly 1 part seed with 100 parts sand.
    2. Seed FurrowWith the handle end of a rake or hoe make a half-inch furrow next to the ridges on both sides of the planting area.
    3. With seed-sand mix in an open-ended can, spread evenly in the bottom of the furrows. Don’t apply too much too soon!
    4. Cover the seed-sand mix lightly with sand or soil-mix – NEVER with clay.
    5. Water soil-beds thoroughly by gently flooding the area between the ridges.
    6. Keep the soil moist – especially during germination and emergence.
  • Do not fertilize until seedlings sprout. Fertilizers are salts and can kill germinating seedlings.

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