Transplanting seedlings in Soil-Beds

  • Transplanting a seedling“Harden off” seedlings by exposing them to outside air and weather for 2 to 3 days before transplanting.
  • Mark soil-beds or containers and make holes big and deep enough to hold both root ball and plant stem.
  • Water seedlings immediately before transplanting. This reduces transplant shock and keeps the root-ball intact.
  • Before transplanting prune lower plant leaves so the stem below ground is bare.
  • Releasing a seedling from its containerFollowing is a simple transplanting procedure:
    1. Hold potted plant stem gently between index and middle finger.
    2. Turn pot upside down and tap the bottom with your free hand. The wet root ball will slip easily from the pot.
    3. Holding the plant, with your free hand make a hole big enough for the roots and any stem needed.
    4. Plant PartsTurn the plant over as you lower it into the hole.
    5. Set the plant deep, but never cover the crown or growing tip. This will kill the plant.
    6. Pull loose soil around the plant to fill the hole. Do NOT press hard against roots and stem, but let a thorough watering settle the soil.
    7. Repeat the transplanting procedures, with one plant at each mark.
    8. FertilizingApply ammonium nitrate or other good nitrogen source down the center of the bed, using ΒΌ ounce per foot of soil-bed or container.
    9. Water thoroughly to dissolve the nitrogen, give the plant a very important drink, and settle the soil.
    10. Apply fertilizer 3 days after transplanting, and continue weekly. Instructions are in Feeding Your Plants.

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