Building your containers

Tools and materials you will need include the following:

  • Claw hammer.
  • Level – two feet long.
  • Pointed 18″-long 1″ X 2″ stakes.
  • Three-pound hammer.
  • Long string.
  • Materials for making the container sides and ends.

Containers can be made from wood, cinder blocks, concrete, or other long-lasting material. Directions are for wood containers.

  1. Container AreaAfter identifying the location of your containers, level the ground under each container area.
  2. Place stakes and string to outline the exact container locations.
  3. On one side, starting 9″ from the end drive 18″-long stakes 9″ into the ground, on the outside of the string, no farther apart than 30″.
  4. Place a 1″ X 8″ or 2″ X 8″ board (preferably painted or treated) along the string against the stakes for the length of the container.
  5. Drive the first stake into the ground until the top is flush with the top edge of the board, then nail the stake to the board.Container Preparation
  6. Place a level on the top edge of the board and adjust the height until the board is level.
  7. Adjust other stakes to be flush with the board top, then nail all stakes to the board.
  8. If your container is longer than your board, nail a 12″-long 1″ X 8″ board on the inside across the joint where two boards meet.
  9. Nail an 18″ end-piece to each end of the leveled side-board (4’-wide containers can also be used for 2 sets of two rows).
  10. Drive a stake 9″ into the ground at the center of both end-pieces, level the end-pieces, make stakes flush with the tops, then nail stakes to the end-pieces.
  11. Place opposite side-board against end-pieces, check level, then drive stakes flush with the side-board top and nail in place.

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