Filling containers with custom-made soil

  1. Pre-plantingMix ingredients thoroughly on a clean dry surface, or in the container.
  2. Rake the soil at the bottom of the container level and flush with the bottom edge.
  3. Apply a “pre-plant” mix of calcium, Epsom Salt, and Borax in a ratio of 80-4-1. Spread one ounce per foot on the soil at the bottom of the container. Use gypsum if you receive less than 20” of annual rainfall, and lime if rainfall is more than 20″.
  4. Spread custom soil in the container in shallow layers, and water to make a damp mix.Filling the Container
  5. Because the custom-made soil has almost no natural fertility, you must supply all the nutrients your crops will need, as follows:
    • As you fill the container with soil, apply another 1 ounce of “pre-plant” plus ½ ounce of a “growing mix” per running foot to the container. Instructions for making these are in the Feeding Your Plants section.
  6. Mix the materials and fertilizers together using a rake or shovel.
  7. Fill the container level-full only, to avoid water run-off and loss of complete coverage.Be sure the top is level
  8. Water thoroughly, and sprinkle again before planting to keep moisture in the soil surface.

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