Level soil-beds to conserve water

  • Leveling the BedLeveling conserves water, keeps small plants, soil, and fertilizers from washing out of your beds, and makes watering easier and more efficient.
    1. Make an 8’-long long level by gluing a string level to the center of a straight 8’-long 2" X 2" or 2" X 4".
    2. Using the level, and starting at one end, check the level of your soil-bed from end to end.
    3. Use a shovel to move soil from within the soil-bed – from the high end to the low end – until the entire soil-bed is level, with no more than 1"+ drop in 30’.
    4. Bed ShapeWhile moving soil break up all clods and use the rake to smooth the top until the entire bed is smooth, level, and directly under both strings. The flat, level soil-bed should be 3"-4" higher than surrounding aisles.
  • Do not level the aisles, and do not use soil from the aisles to level the beds. It is not necessary and takes extra time.
  • If your soil-beds began more than 2" out of level in 10’, apply mineral nutrients after leveling, rather than when building the beds.

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