Important tips about plants and water

  • A plant is a water pipeA plant is a continuous water pipe from the tip of the deepest root to the end of the tallest leaf.
  • More than 80% of a plant’s weight is water. The plant must have access to water at its roots constantly.
  • Water keeps the plant from wilting and carries nutrients from the soil through the roots to the plant.
  • Dry fertilizer can do nothing until it’s dissolved and carried by water to the plant, therefore nutrient compounds must be water-soluble.
  • Plants stay cool by transpiration (like perspiration). Those with a larger leaf area require more water for transpiration.
  • Soils are not dams for storing water, therefore frequent small waterings are better than flooding once each week.
  • WateringSprinkling is a very inefficient method of watering. Three negative effects of sprinkling include:
    1. Wastes water.
    2. Encourages weed growth in the aisles.
    3. Promotes fungus diseases such as mildew and mold.

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