Controlling annual weeds

  • Rake and HoeOnly two tools are needed – the garden rake and the 2-way or scuffle hoe.
  • Using the rake or hoe, pull down the 4″ ridge into the aisle, then rake it back up again. Do not disturb planted seeds or seedlings.Pulling dowin the ridge
  • When rebuilding the ridge for seedling rows, allow a thin film of dirt to go between seedling stems, smothering any tiny weeds in that area.Rebuilding the ridge
  • Kill all weeds growing in the center of the soil-bed by disturbing the soil surface between the rows of plants.Using the Scuffle Hoe
  • Using both directions with the 2-way hoe quickly remove all weeds growing in the aisles. Disturb only the top ¼” of the soil surface.

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