How to prevent weeds

  • There are several ways to prevent weeds from ever getting started growing in your garden.
    1. Prevent weed seeds in the irrigation water by using a well, your home’s culinary water, or a fine filter.
    2. Cover the soil with perforated weed-preventing materials or black plastic, and plant seedlings through small holes.
    3. Do not use un-sterilized compost or manure in your garden. Many weed seeds pass right through the animal. Sustained temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit are required to kill seeds and soil pathogens.
    4. Maintain a wide weed-free perimeter around your garden. Weed seeds often travel through the air.
  • (Containers) Using a non-soil growing medium is one of the best ways to prevent weeds in your garden.
    1. Plant in containers using soil custom-made from clean sand mixed with other inert and organic materials, such as perlite, sawdust, peat moss, ground-up pine needles or tree bark, etc.

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