When should weed control begin?

  • Never wait until weeds are big enough to pull up. Start early!
  • There are two main types of weeds:
    1. Perennials – grow for many years from rhizomes (underground stems) and runners (above-ground stems) (Picture #9).
    2. Annuals – grow from new seeds every year.
  • There are two best times to control weeds:
    1. While preparing your garden soil before planting – remove all weeds, including perennial rhizomes and runners.
    2. Immediately after weeds sprout – usually 7-10 days after planting your vegetable crop – weed thoroughly now (Picture #10)!
  • (Containers) Very little weeding should be required in gardens that are properly prepared for containers.
  • (Containers) Using clean, weed-free materials for your soil medium is essential. Do not use soil, dirty sand, compost, or manure.

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